Car Rental

Car Rental

We are offering the best price for the car rental

As the premier travel and tour agency known as Khasab Sands Tours, situated within the enchanting locale of Khasab, we are delighted to showcase a comprehensive range of cutting-edge rental vehicles, each designed for optimal comfort and now available at remarkably competitive rates. Our commitment extends beyond mere transportation; we are dedicated to offering unparalleled value for your investment, ensuring that you not only access the best rental rates in the region but also experience a level of service that remains unmatched.

Our diverse fleet includes an array of options, from the refined and elegant Saloon Cars to the robust and versatile 4 WD vehicles, capable of conquering even the most rugged terrains. Additionally, we present the spacious and accommodating 7-Seater Cars, perfect for families and groups seeking to embark on a collective journey of discovery. This curated selection caters to a spectrum of preferences, guaranteeing the ideal vehicle for every adventure, whether solitary exploration or convivial group escapades.

Khasab Sands Tours embodies a holistic approach, blending comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness to craft indelible memories of your Khasab experience. Each rental not only provides a mode of transportation but an opportunity to immerse in Khasab’s splendor, all while ensuring the utmost safety, dependability, and service standards. We stand as your reliable partner, committed to enhancing your journey through our exceptional fleet, where value and unforgettable moments converge¬†seamlessly.


Khasab Sands Tours is a local tour operator specializing in the tourism segment of Khasab. It has a highly professional team of tour experts capable of planning and executing safe and exciting travel packages across the region of Musandam and beyond.


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